ANT 2013
May 10-12, 2013

Conference on Advances in Neutrino Technology
Granlibakken, Sunnyside-Tahoe City, CA

GOAL: Improving the community’s collective understanding of nobles, for rare event detection and background discrimination, bringing together the neutrino and dark matter communities to discuss the common technologies.

Topics to be covered:
 •Event reconstruction software, electronics, data acquisition systems
 •Advanced photon detection technologies: PMTs, SiPMs, QUPIDs
 •Water Cerenkov detectors, and doping of water detectors with scintillator
 •All different types of scintillators: liquid, organic, plastic, etc.

Special interdisciplinary topics for this year:
 •All noble elements used in detectors: Ar, Xe, Ne, He, in all phases
 •All detector technology types: zero and non-zero field, single and dual phase
 •Both the primary and secondary scintillation/electroluminescence/ionization
 •Absolute and relative light and charge yields, and pulse shapes/timing
 •Both nuclear and electron recoil, alphas, gammas, and all particle types
 •Diverse applications: dark matter, neutrinos, HEP, medical physics, et al.
 •Chemical mixtures, and additives (both noble and non-noble)
 •Monte Carlo simulations of the energy transfer and excitation processes, experiments, and comparisons with data, interpretation/understanding
 •Seeking new insights that may allow better detector performance